Victor Cygielman

Victor Cygielman

Victor Cygielman is a co-founder and former co-editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal.


A Never- Ending Struggle
A Time for Change
Kadosh: A Critical Eye 0n the Sacred
A film on love in the Jewish ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim area in Jerusalem.
Barak’s Predicament
Education: New Beginnings
Ariel Sharon is Courting Disaster
The Road to Mutual Recognition
For years Israelis and Palestinians denied each other’s right to national existence; but both peoples are now on their way to finding a reasonable compromise between their vital national interests.
To Our Readers
Religion and Nationalism
Both Israelis and Palestinians must stand up against religious fanaticism
To our readers
Rabin’s Political Schizophrenia
No, Oslo Is Not Dead
Our Jerusalem
Mutual Recognition of Suffering
Only seeing and internalizing the suffering of the other side can lead to reconciliation.
The Murder of Yitzhak Rabin
Education and Despair
A Laborious Birth
The Disputed Land
Great Power Shortcomings
The Need for a Fresh Start
Maintaining Dialogue, Rejecting Despair
A Crisis of Confidence
The Nakba and Palestinian Painting
Documenting Palestinian art starts with the Nakba.

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