This Israeli-Palestinian quarterly, the first of its kind, was born out of a conviction that a joint platform is needed, where basic aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli problem can be analysed in a frank and serious manner.
Its founders are Ziad Abu Zayyad, former publisher of "Gesher", a Palestinian
weekly in Hebrew, and Victor Cygielman, former deputy-editor of the Israeli peace journal "New Outlook", two professional journalists, who for years have worked for Israeli-Palestinian peace, based on mutual recognition of the two peoples' national rights.
We intend to follow and analyse the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, to study the outstanding issues, to look for common ground, and, whenever possible, to outline compromise solutions.
In this, our first issue, we deal with Peace Economics, that is with the economic problems and opportunities arising from the emerging structural changes in the relationship between the two peoples.
Our next issue will focus on "Religion and Politics." We will examine what happens when religion mixes with politics, or -to put it another way - when politics are enlightened/bedevilled by religious beliefs.
We invite our readers to comment freely on the articles we publish and, if they find our quarterly interesting, to subscribe.
Ours is an independent journal, a nonĀ¬profit venture, and we will survive only if we have enough subscribers, who believe that our intitiative is worthwhile. <