This, the spring 1994 number, is the second issue of our Journal. We pointed out in this column in the winter issue that our venture, the first joint Israeli-Palestinian quarterly, was born out of the conviction that a common platform is needed where basic aspects of Palestinian-Israeli relations can be analyzed in an open and serious manner.
In our running-in period, the work of our Palestinian and Israeli editors, editorial board and writers has been carried on, in spite of our different backgrounds, in an atmosphere of goodwill and practical cooperation. We are also pleased to record that our first Journal, focused on peace economics, was well received in all those circles which we aim to reach, including Israelis and Palestinians, the Palestinian Diaspora, the Arab world, Jews outside Israel and international factors concerned with Middle Eastern affairs. We hope that the current 160-page spring issue, with a focus on the burning subject of religion and politics, will reach an even wider public.
This issue appears shortly after the signing in Cairo of The Israel-PLO Gaza-Jericho agreement of May 4, 1994. We shall of course closely follow the course of the peace process in these columns, with our next (summer) issue focusing on the struggle for water. We will explore the question - what is the relationship between the water problems of Israel, of Palestine and of the Middle East and the prospects for peace in our region. Problems connected with the development of water resources and water sharing constitute an important part of the negotiating process. The Journal will strive to clarify these and other major issues so often beclouded by misinformation and propaganda.
Finally, for your information: we are once again sending many complimentary copies of the Journal for promotion purposes. If you find the publication interesting, please fill in the subscription form, where you will find new prices and a special offer for you and your friends. As we noted in our first issue, "ours is an independent journal, a non-profit venture, and we will only survive if we have enough subscribers who believe that our initiative is worthwhile". If you support our initiative, please show it by subscribing at once.