Hind Khoury

Hind Khoury

Ambassador Hind Khoury was the delegate general of Palestine in France (2006-10) and a former Palestinian minister of state for Jerusalem Affairs.


Jerusalem for All Times
There is a dire need to seek a political solution and to postpone negotiations about narratives, history and religion until peace is restored and, with it, the freedom to discuss, negotiate and research freely.
Between Now and Then: A More Realistic View of Palestinian History and Identity
While Palestinians have long understood their national identity to be pluralistic and not based on religion, a more exclusive Zionist narrative post-1967 has sought to deny their historical existence in their homeland.
Challenges Set in Stone: The Iron Wall and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
Civil Society: From Advocacy to Social Change
In a time of revolution and a deadlocked peace process, we need a civil society that can mobilize the political, social, economic, cultural and human potential of our societies for social change
The Arab Re-Awakening and the Hopes for a Palestinian State
The “Arab re-Awakening” should push all Arab governments to make collective Arab interests across the region, including the establishment of a Palestinian state, a focus of their policies, strategies and action.
What Would Be Different If the Peace Process Was Run by Women?
The potential impact of a women on the peace process.

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