Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss is co-president of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Weapons and president emeritus of the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. This commentary originally appeared on July 10, 2013 at An update has been added under the heading “Looking Toward the Future.”


Israeli Annexation of the West Bank Would Violate International Law
Annexation of parts or all of the West Bank would jeopardize Israel's prospects as a Jewish state and a democracy.
International Law and the Occupied Territories
There is indeed an international law applicable to the occupation, which dates back to the ius gentium practiced 2000 years ago in what is now Israel and the territory it occupies.
Obama Sharpens His Nuclear Posture
The United States has failed to comply with the obligation to negotiate in good faith for a nuclear weapons-free world, but the tide of resistance to nuclear weapons is rising.
Peace, Law and Nuclear Weapons (As Seen by Two Jews and an Arab
International legal opinion says that nuclear disarmament will remain the ultimate goal of al1 action in the field of nuclear weapons.

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