Edward Kaufman

Edward Kaufman

Professor Edy Kaufman has been teaching and conducting action research in the fields of human rights and conflict transformation. He is a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Maryland and teaches at Haifa University's Program in Peace and Conflict Management and a member of the PIJ editorial board. He is the grandson of an orthodox Rabbi in Buenos Aires. 


Transforming a Dream into Reality: Palestinian and Israeli Youth Struggling Across theDivide for Universal Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace
Can we more actively incorporate the Arab and Jewish as well as Palestinian and Israeli youth through the respective electoral processes and also encourage them to take a leadership role?
The Impact of Occupation on Israel’s Corruption
The occupation of the Palestinian Territories is based on corruptive and corrupting practices that originate from and feed back into Israel.
Understanding the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Lessons from an Unusual Classroom
A fifteen-step joint approach to fairly and thoroughly teaching about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and approaching a mutual understanding of the region’s past, present and future


  • Why Jews Should Oppose Israel Demolishing homes of Palestinians involved in violent activities against Israel
  • A Way Out for Prisoners?