Hisham Awartani

Hisham Awartani

Dr. Hisham Awartani is the director of the Center for Private Sector Development, which is a leading economic and private sector advocacy institution. Formerly, he was a professor of economics for over two decades at Al-Najah and Birzeit Universities. He was a member of the Palestinian economic team during the Oslo peace process.


Reform in Institutional Framework and Economic Policies
A National Unity Government: One More Factional Deal?
The Palestinians should rise above narrow factional interests.
Palestinian-Jordanian Agricultural Relations: Constraints and Prospects
The promotion of economic relations between Palestine and Jordan
The Implementation of the Palestinian-Israeli Economic Agreements: a Palestinian Perspective
All have a vested interest in ameliorating the rapidly deteriorating conditions in the OPT.
Economic Policies and Institutions in Palestine: A View by the Business Community

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