Jamil Rabah

Jamil Rabah

Jamil Rabah is a pollster and political analyst. He has worked as a full-time researcher at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Geneva on monitoring Palestinian public perceptions of their living conditions. In 2006 he started Near East Consulting (NEC), a Ramallah-based survey research institute and is currently a policy advisor for the Palestinian Negotiations Support Project.


Palestinian Perceptions Toward Weapons of Mass Destruction
A survey shows that Palestinians recognize the danger of WMD to global security and oppose the acquisition of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in the ME.
Prospects for Democracy in the Arab World
It is debatable whether the Arab states can make the successful transition from authoritarian regimes to democratic processes.
Palestine and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
In examining the impact of the Israeli and Iranian nuclear positions on the Middle East and the Palestine-Israel conflict, in particular, it is in the interest of the Palestinians as part of their quest for statehood to have a clear position in favor of the NPT.
The Future Direction of the Palestinian State: What Palestinians Prefer
A poll gauges Palestinians' choice of a model country for a Palestinian state.

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