Ron Pundak

Ron Pundak

Dr.Ron Pundak is co-chair of the Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum. He is former director general of the Peres Center for Peace, and one of the architects of the Oslo Accords.


More Relevant Than Ever: People-to-People Peacebuilding Efforts in Israel and Palestine
The best way to change mindsets and to foster ideas of self-determination, ending the occupation and peace is through dialogue, cross-border activities and physical interactions
Why a Civil Society issue
From the Arab Peace Initiative to the Arab Spring and Back
It is still in the interest of both the Arab world and Israel to advance the Arab Peace Initiative, the only plan that can bring about true stability and prosperity to the region.
Towards a New Chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations?
The essence of Oslo IS the pursuit of, and the need to reach, peace.
Looking Back: An Evaluation of People-to-People
Civil society, via the P2P system, can be a catalyst to advance the peace process.
All Aboard: The International Community and the Track to Peace
A review of previous stations and a look towards the future.

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