Jeff Halper

Jeff Halper

Jeff Halper is coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and editor of News from Within.


ICAHD’S Activities in East Jerusalem
The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions focuses on local activism to save Palestinian homes and end the occupation
The Policy of House Demolitions in East Jerusalem: What It Is, How It Is Done and to What End
Housing demolitions contribute to the forced emigration of Palestinians from Jerusalem.
The Power of Paradigms: Helping Israelis Grasp New Realities
The paradigms of Israel‘s "national consensus" and how to pursue the political and structural requirements for peace.
Resolving the Conflict: The Nation-State and the Nation in IsraelfPalestine
Dissatisfaction with the twn-state solution has led to reconsideration of the binational state as a viable option.

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