Meir Margalit

Meir Margalit

Dr. Meir Margalit is a former member of the Jerusalem City Council and field coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.


Jerusalem as a Non-City
Jerusalem Between the Veteran and the Younger Generation
It is time for generational change in the Israeli peace camp, with the old guard’s insights about why it failed to win public support for a peace agreement.
Building Bridges over the Void: The Role and Impact of Dissidents within the Israel- Palestine Conflict
To bring about the necessary paradigm shift in Israeli society, the Israeli left needs to appeal to affective, emotional elements that move the collective subconscious
Seeking a True Human Rights Agenda
The violation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories strikes at the very heart of Israeli democracy and is eroding the state from within.
Jerusalem Municipality’s 2020 Master Plan
The Jerusalem Municipality’s 2020 Master Plan will serve to consolidate Israeli control over East Jerusalem while bringing little benefit to its inhabitants
Discrimination and Deprivation in Jerusalem1
City Hall policy derives from ideology and a discriminatory organizational culture.
The New Jerusalem Master Plan
The new Jerusalem Master Plan has some positive aspects, but the chapter on East Jerusalem is rife with prejudice, stereotypes and erroneous assumptions.
A Chronicle of Municipal Discrimination in Jerusalem
How the municipality discriminates against one-third of Jerusalemites.

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