4.7.01 Israel and the U.S. express objections to an antiracism conference to be held in Durban, South Africa; the conference, first under NCO and then under UN sponsorship, took place in August without official US or Israeli representatives.

9.7.01 Israeli bulldozers from the Jerusalem Municipality demolish 17 Palestinian houses in Shu'fat refugee camp citing "unlicensed construction" as the reason.

10.7.01 Israeli tanks and bulldozers demolish 25 buildings in Rafah on the Egyptian borders. Seven Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers are injured. The US administration condemns the Israeli house demolition policy.

13.7.01 Palestinian President Yasser Arafat meets with Omri Sharon, son of the Israeli Prime Minister, in Ramallah.

16.7.01 Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres meet in Cairo under the auspices of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The meeting is described as a failure.

17.7.01 Israeli forces use Apache helicopters to kill four Palestinian members of Hamas in the Bethlehem area.

17.7.01 Scuffles break out between Palestinians and Israeli troops when the Israeli army prevents entry into Jerusalem and bans Palestinians from attending the ceremony marking 40 days since the death of Palestinian leader Faisal Husseini.

18.7.01 Israel assassinates five Hamas-affiliated Palestinians that it claimed were meeting in Bethlehem to plan an attack. Two helicopter-fired rockets kill the five and injure 14 other Palestinians.

18.7.01 Danish-Israeli relations become tense following Israel's controversial appointment of former head of the Shin Bet, Karni Gilon, as Israeli ambassador to Denmark. The Palestinian ambassador to Denmark Mohammed Abu Kosh refers to Gilon's confession that he tortured Palestinians and supports use of torture.

24.7.01 The body of a kidnapped 18-year old Israeli settler from the Pisgat Ze'ev settlement near Jerusalem is found in Ramallah by Palestinian security forces. The Fateh-affiliated Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims responsibility for the killing.

25.7.01 American and European peace-lovers announce that they intend to move into Palestinian houses in Beit Jala that have been subjected to Israeli shelling.

25.7.01 U.S. Republican Congressman Eric Canton initiates a draft resolution to deprive the PNA of financial assistance, until the Islamic Waqf halts the "archaeological" work in AI-Aqsa mosque courtyard, which he contends is an act more serious than the demolition of the Buddha statues by the Taleban in Afghanistan.

26.7.01 During a press conference in West Jerusalem, Reporters Without Frontiers releases information that 30 reporters have been injured by Israeli bullets during the Aqsa Intifada.

29.7.01 Jordanian authorities hand over maps to the PNA pertaining to West Bank properties belonging to Palestinians. The Palestinians say this cooperation between the two countries is in preparation for final status negotiations.

31.7.01 Two missiles fired from an Israeli Apache helicopter kill eight Palestinians in Nablus, including two senior Hamas political leaders, Sheikh Jamal Mansour and Sheikh Jamal Salim.

4.8.01 Lorya Abu Arra from the Jenin village of Aqaba gives birth to a baby girl in the back seat of a car when Israeli soldiers did not allow her to pass a military checkpoint on her way to hospital.

5.8.01 The Israeli Ministry of Defense gives the PNA a list of seven Palestinians wanted by Israel.

5.8.01 Ali Joulani, 3D, from East Jerusalem, opens fire from an M-16 machinegun at a group of soldiers standing in front of the Israeli Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, wounding eight before being shot to death.

6.8.01 According to Ha'aretz, the Israeli army and police block Israeli and foreign human rights activists from distributing blankets, tents and household supplies to a group of Palestinian cave-dwellers south of Mt. Hebron.

9.8.01 A 23-year-old Palestinian from Nablus, explodes himself in the Sbarro pizzeria in West Jerusalem. The blast causes the death of 15 Israelis. In retaliation, Israeli F¬16 fighter planes bomb the police headquarters in Ramallah.

9.8.01 Israel takes over the PLO's unofficial headquarters in Jerusalem, Orient House. Dozens of police and Israeli soldiers storm the building, arresting four guards, confiscating documents and replacing the Palestinian flag, which has been flying over Orient House since 1992, with an Israeli flag.

10.8.01 Israeli troops clamp a curfew on Abu Dis, south of Jerusalem, raiding the Jerusalem governorate and taking over the Palestinian Telecommunications office.
12.8.01 A Palestinian from Jenin enters a small cafe in Kiryat Motskin, near Haifa. The explosive he detonates wounds 21 Israelis and kills the bomber himself.

13.8.01 The Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot reports that the Israeli Government Press Office intends to confiscate press cards from many Palestinian and Arab reporters. There are around 450 Arab reporters, mostly Palestinian, working in the country.

14.8.01 Israeli tanks move into Jenin, destroying the governorate office and a number of civil departments in the city.

19.8.01 The Palestinian Agricultural Minister Hikmat Zeid and his Israeli counterpart Shalom Simon meet at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture in Tel Aviv. They decide to form two committees to facilitate movement of agricultural goods across borders.

22.8.01 After an Israeli night shelling of Beit Eiba village, north of Nablus, the bodies of four Palestinians who had been taken by Israeli soldiers were found by village residents who reported signs of torture on their bodies.

22.8.01 Einar Henriksen head of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) informs Palestinian and Israeli officials that the mission's patrols would temporarily pull out of Hebron due to attacks by Jewish settlers on TIPH vehicles.

23.8.01 Israeli helicopter fire assassinates Bilal Adnan aI-Ghoul, a lieutenant in the Palestinian Preventive Security Apparatus from Shati' refugee camp, in the Gaza Strip.

25.8.01 Two members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine are killed after attacking a Gaza Strip Israeli outpost and killing three Israeli soldiers.

27.8.01 Israeli helicopter gunships fire two missiles into the Ramallah office of Abu Ali Mustafa, 63, decapitating him and injuring eight other Palestinians. Since 2000, Mustafa headed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

30.8.01 According to Ha'aretz, Finnish Foreign Minister Errki Tuomioja finds it "troubling that the policies of the Israelis against the Palestinians are similar to those who victimized them in the 1930s." His comments raised a storm of protests from Israel and the Jewish community in Helsinki.

30.8.01 Israeli military forces evacuate Beit Jala following diplomatic efforts involving President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

5.9.01 Israeli right wingers call for the death penalty against Arab Knesset members Ahmad Tibi, Mohammed Barakah and Talab ai-Sane' because they participated in the funeral of PFLP head Abu Ali Mustafa, assassinated by Israel on August 27.

5.9.01 According to the Hebrew daily Ma'ariv, Israeli Infrastructure Minister Avigdor Lieberman is preparing a political solution entitled "an exchange of population."lt entails evicting Palestinian Israelis into the West Bank and Gaza Strip in exchange for moving settlers in isolated settlements across the Green Line. Palestinian Israelis would have to sign a written document pledging allegiance to Israel, in order to remain.

7.9.01 According to Ha'aretz, the Israeli army have banned observers from the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) from entering areas in the city under Israeli control. Palestinians in the Israeli-controlled areas have complained of increasing settler violence to which the army is not responding.

8.9.01 Israeli PM Ariel Sharon announces that for "security reasons" Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza would no longer be allowed to enter Israel for work.

9.9.01 Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ziad Abu-Zayyad is arrested in East Jerusalem by Israeli intelligence officers, interrogated for several hours in the Russian Compound, and released later in the day after being warned against entering Jerusalem again. Abu-Zayyad, who lives in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ezzariyeh and is the bearer of a West Bank identity card, says that as a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, he has diplomatic immunity.

11.9.01 U.S. planes commandeered by highjackers are used to destroy the World Trade Center in New York and parts of the Pentagon in Washington.

17.9.01 Birzeit University is closed de facto by the complete sealing of the Israeli military checkpoint leading to it.

18.9.01 Israeli troops invade the area established as the Palestinian port on the Gaza coast, demolishing its buildings and taking down the French, Dutch and other European flags at the site.

18.9.01 After pressure from Washington on the Palestinians and Israelis, the government of Israel declares a cease-fire, an end to the attacks against Palestinian targets and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from PNA areas of Jenin and Jericho. President Yasser Arafat had previously declared in a message he sent to the government of Israel that he has given strict instructions for a cease-fire.

19.9.01 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warns that if the United States decides upon a military operation in order to root out terrorism, the Islamic world will view it as paranoia. He said that the roots of Muslim hatred towards the United States are that the US provides free arms and support to Israel.

25.9.01 A statement issued by the Fateh Higher Committee warns Israel from "playing with fire" in deciding to issue an arrest warrant for the movement's West Bank General Secretary Marwan Barghouthi.

28.9.01 The Geneva-based World Organization against Torture accuses both Israeli and Palestinian security forces of torturing their detainees during interrogation.

28.9.01 Hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian academicians, intellectuals and activists send an appeal to the consuls of the US and Belgium in Jerusalem urging them to send an international protection force to the area.

1.10.01 The Israeli government is preparing to start contacts with the United States to draft a list of several Palestinian and Lebanese movements including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah that it considers "terrorist organizations."

1.10.01 Palestinian Israelis mark, with a general strike and demonstrations, the first anniversary of the killing by Israeli police of 13 citizens.

2.10.01 President Yasser Arafat welcomes US President George W. Bush's remarks in which he declared his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state as long as Israel's right to exist is protected.

2.10.01 Two Israeli soldiers are killed when three Palestinians infiltrate the Gaza settlement of Alei Sinai. The three Palestinians were also killed and 15 settlers and soldiers wounded.

3.10.01 Five Palestinians traveling in a taxi in the Gaza village of Beit Lahya are killed when an Israeli tank fires a shell on the taxi. Palestinian sources say that four of the five were members of the National Security Force.

3.10.01 According to Israeli sources, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres hands President Yasser Arafat a list of the names of 108 Palestinians that Israel wants arrested quickly, including some accused by Israel of masterminding military operations and recruiting suicide bombers. Minister of Local Government Saeb Erekat denied that such a list exists.

6.10.01 The PFLP elects 48-year-old Ahmad Sa'adat as its new Secretary General. The elections, which took place in Ramallah, followed the assassination of the Front's former secretary general Abu Ali Mustafa by Israeli helicopter missiles last August.

8.10.01 A meeting on implementing the cease-fire agreement takes place between Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Ahmad Qurei' and Minister of Local Government Saeb Erekat.

9.10.01 Following the bloody confrontations between Palestinian university demonstrators and security forces which left at least three dead, Palestinian Security Forces ban foreigners and foreign journalists from entering Gaza.

10.10.01 According to the Israeli Peace Now movement, Israel has erected 10 new settlement sites in the occupied Palestinian territories since last July, in addition to the 15 settlements erected between January and May 2001.

10.10.01 United States Congressman James Traficant, Jr., expresses support for Palestinian self-determination, saying that Congress should adopt a strategy for providing and recognizing statehood for Palestine.

12.10.01 Thousands of settlers participate in the inauguration of three new settlements near Beit Hagai and at Kedumim in the West Bank near the village of Jet. The Israeli army prevents peace activists from protesting the celebrations, declaring the area a military zone.

15.10.01 President Yasser Arafat meets British PM Tony Blair in London. The two call for the immediate resumption of peace talks between the PNA and Israel.

16.10.01 In his speech before the Knesset, Sharon says he would consider the establishment of a Palestinian state once negotiations were back on track, but only if Palestinians accept all of Israel's security concerns.

17.10.01 Recently-resigned Israeli Minister of Tourism Rahav'am Zeevi is shot in his hotel room at Jerusalem's Hyatt Regency and dies in hospital. The minister, head of the extremist Moledet Party, was shot at point blank range by two assailants. The PFLP took responsibility for the shooting, carried out in retaliation for Israel's assassination of PFLP Secretary General Abu Ali Mustafa in August.

21.10.01 A group of Jewish settlers raid al-Kayal Mosque in the Old City of Hebron, demolishing furniture and tearing up religious books, including copies of the Qur'an.

23.10.01 Three Palestinian houses in the Ras al-'Amoud area of East Jerusalem are demolished by Israeli bulldozers under the supervision of the Jerusalem municipality.

23.10.01 Christian and Muslim leaders from Jerusalem march on the Bethlehem checkpoint to protest Israeli attacks on the city's religious sites. "We intend to conduct special prayers inside the Church of the Nativity for the sake of our martyrs," said Orthodox Church spokesman Atallah Hannah.

24.10.01 Israeli forces kill seven Palestinians, five of whom were members of the Palestinian Security Forces in Beit Rima, near Ramallah.

25.10.01 France accuses Israel of violating international humanitarian law, describing the military siege on Palestinian areas and people for the past week as "intolerable."

28.10.01 Two Palestinians driving a stolen car open fire on passersby, killing four in the northern Israeli town of Hadera. Islamic Jihad takes responsibility for the operation, saying it was in revenge for the raid of Beit Rima on October

24. 29.10.01 Israeli forces withdraw from PNA areas in BetWehem and Beit Jala. Israeli sources report that an agreement was reached between the PNA and Israel with the mediation of the US, whereby Israeli forces would withdraw if peace and quiet were restored to the two cities. Twenty-two Palestinians were killed during the 10-day¬long incursion that followed the assassination of Zeevi.

30.10.01 Dozens of citizens from the Triangle area inside the Green Line clash with Israeli police in an attempt to stop bulldozers from opening the new "Trans-Israel" highway. Palestinian Israeli citizens, including Arab members of Knesset, said that construction of the highway would take huge chunks of Arab lands.

31.10.01 A joint statement issued by the foreign ministers of 15 European Union states call on the Israelis and Palestinians to resume negotiations "before it is too late" in light of the continuing deterioration of the situation. Israel must conclude the withdrawal of troops from Palestinian-controlled regions and the Palestinians must exert utmost effort to arrest those responsible for acts of violence against Israel.

1.11.01 British PM Tony Blair meets with President Yasser Arafat in Gaza and Israeli PM Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem. Blair's visit to the Palestinian territories comes as part of the British leader's shuttle diplomacy to shore up support for the US-led coalition in the whole region.

1.11.01 According to Yediot Ahronot, Roman Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah delivers especially harsh criticism of Israel, telling European tourists that with Israeli PM Ariel Sharon at the helm, the situation would only worsen.

2.11.01 General Secretary of the PNA Cabinet Ahmad Abdel Rahman calls on British PM Tony Blair to make a "historical declaration" during his trip to Gaza in support of a Palestinian state, to rectify the historic mistake of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, in which Britain promised the Jews a national home in Palestine.

3.11.01 President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres meet in Majorca, Spain, but Palestinian officials complain Peres has no mandate to negotiate.

4.11.01 Islamic Jihad claims credit for the shooting by a 24-year old Hebronite at an Israeli bus stop at the East Jerusalem French Hill intersection. Two Israelis are killed and over 40 injured before the bomber is shot to death by Israeli soldiers and police.

5.11.01 The Russian foreign minister calls on the PNA to curb terrorist acts carried out by Palestinian activists and on Israel to withdraw their forces from Palestinian cities and stop the illegal extra-judiciary killing of Palestinians.

5.11.01 French President Jacque Chirac announces that European leaders participating in the London summit on November 4 agreed on the urgent need to find a solution to the crisis in the Middle East. A peaceful Palestinian state that respects the rights, freedom and security of Israel must be established.

5.11.01 The Knesset House Committee votes to strip the parliamentary immunity of Member of Knesset Azmi Bishara in order to try him on charges of supporting terrorist organizations and arranging for Israeli citizens to visit Syria.

6.11.01 Two Fatah activists, from the Jenin area, are killed when the car they had recently purchased in Urn al-Fahem explodes while an Israeli helicopter hovers above.

7.11.01 Leading Hamas figure Mahmoud Zahhar rejects the United States' addition of Hamas to its list of terrorist organizations. He says Hamas would not target US interests, but would reconsider strategy if the US decides to wage war against it.

14.11.01 According to Arab Knesset member Ahmad Tibi, since September, some European embassies in Israel have started to transfer visa applications submitted by Arab citizens in Israel to Israeli intelligence services to get their "opinion." Tibi described this step as discrimination against Palestinians inside Israel.

14.11.01 Israeli security authorities issue orders to the editor-in-chief of al-Quds that the newspaper is no longer allowed to publish any leaflets or statements written by the outlawed Hamas or Islamic Jihad movements.

15.11.01 UNICEF representatives in the West Bank and Gaza Strip announce their concerns over the impact of the continuing conflict on Palestinian children. "All Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza are exposed in some form to increased psychological stress," Pierre Poupard, UNICEF special representative said in Geneva.

21.11.01 According to Ha'aretz, the Israeli Housing Ministry is preparing tenders to build 200 housing units in the settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim, east of Jerusalem. The population of the settlement will increase from 28,000 to 30,000.

24.11.01 Bethlehem Mayor Hanna Nasser says the town would limit its Christmas celebrations, cancel mass celebrations, and display photos of destruction.

28.11.01 According to a report published by Israeli Bureau of Statistics, 26 new settlement sites have been established since PM Ariel Sharon took office in February.

1.12.01 Eight-month-old Tamer Quzmar dies at a military checkpoint that separates his village from Qalqilya in the northern West Bank. His mother was taking him to hospital but was stopped by Israeli soldiers who refused to let her pass.

5.12.01 The European Union announces it does not share Israel's opinion that the PNA is an entity that supports terrorism. The EU renews its commitment to provide financial support to the Palestinians in the context of the peace process.

5.12.01 Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin is placed under house arrest by orders from the PNA. According to a Palestinian official, the arrest was implemented after Yassin made several statements against the Authority.

9.12.01 Eight Israelis are injured when a 22-year-old from Jenin blew himself up near a military check post in Haifa. The Islamic Jihad military wing, al-Quds Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack.

10.12.01 The IS-member states of the European Union call on the PNA to consider Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorist groups, dismantle their networks and issue a call in Arabic to end the armed Palestinian uprising.

12.12.01 The United States Congress issues a strongly-worded warning to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat recommending that US President George W. Bush freeze all dealings with the PNA.

14.12.01 Israeli Minister of Justice, Meir Shitrit, confirms a decision taken by the Israeli cabinet to prevent President Arafat from leaving Ramallah, in addition to cutting off all contact with him and considering him to be "irrelevant."

22.12.01 The Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, releases a statement in Gaza declaring an end to suicide attacks against Israeli targets within the Green Line.

23.12.01 Israeli security cabinet statement from PM Ariel Sharon declares that President Yasser Arafat is barred from Christmas Eve services in Bethlehem.
In this period, in the Palestinian territories, 283 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces of whom 41 were under the age of 17. Six Palestinians were killed by Israeli civilians. Thirty-seven Israelis civilians were killed and 14 Israeli security forces personnel were killed by Palestinians. Sixty-seven Palestinian security forces personnel were killed by Israeli security forces. Within the Green Line, 9 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces. Fifty-two Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians. Seven Israeli security forces personnel were killed by Palestinians.

Above figures from B'Tselem