There is a Choice: A Call by IDF Reservists, 25 January 2002
We being officers and soldiers in the combat reserves of the Israeli Defense Force, having been brought up on Zionism, self-sacrifice and contribution to the Israeli people and the state of Israel, having always served in the front line, having always been the first to carry out any mission, easy or difficult, to defend and buttress the state of Israel.
We, combat officers and soldiers who serve the state of Israel for many weeks each year, regardless of the heavy personal cost, have done reserve service throughout the occupied territories and received orders and instructions that had nothing to do with the security of the state, and whose sole purpose is perpetuation of our domination of the Palestinian people.
We, having witnessed with our own eyes the bloody toll that the occupation takes on both sides of the divide:
• Have sensed how the orders we received erode every value we have imbibed in this country;
• Understand today that the price of the occupation is loss of the humane image of the IDF and corruption of the entire Israeli society;
• Know that the territories are not Israel, and that the Jewish settlements there will ultimately have to be evacuated.
We hereby declare that we will no longer fight in the war for the welfare of the settlements in the territories. We will not continue to fight beyond the Green Line [Israel's pre-67 border] for the purpose of dominating, expelling, starving and humiliating an entire people.
We hereby declare that we will continue to act in the Israeli Defense Force in any assignment that will serve the defense of the State of Israel. Occupation and repression do not serve that aim, and we will have no part in them.

Signed by 52 reservists, specifying the signatories' reserve rank (ranging from first sergeant to major) and combat unit (paratroops, armor, engineers, artillery, navy, military intelligence, airforce, Golani brigade, Givati brigade, Nahal brigade).

Editor's Note: Hundreds of additional signatures were later received in support of this initiative.