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Violence and its Alternatives
Vol.10 No.1 2003 covers/vol10-1cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • No More Violence
         by Daniel Bar-Tal

  • No to Preemptive War in Iraq

  • In Memory of Rachel Corrie

  • Potential for a Non-Violent Intifada
         by Steven Kull

  • Needed, A New Approach:
          If a political process can‘t be resumed, Israel must act unilaterally.
         by Uri Sagie

  • Victim Terrorism
          Criteria for defining acts of terrorism must be clear and objective to develop a unified position against the scourge of international terrorism.
         by Jonathan Kuttab

  • Societal Costs of Political Violence: The Israeli Experience
          Demonization of the "enemy" and increased internal violence are two of the primary societal costs of the escalating conflict.
         by Simha Landau

  • On Violence and Resistance
          The lesson of the past two years is that violence can only breed violence.
         by Eyad El-Sarraj

  • We Know the Past; Do We Have to Live with It?
          The past teaches that clear borders are a key to a tolerable life.
         by Martin van Creveld

  • “New” versus “Old” Terrorism
          Is today‘s "new" terrorism qualitatively different from pre-September 11 "old" terrorism?
         by Martha Crenshaw

  • Palestine, 1987 - 2000: From Natural Law to Positive Law
          Examining the societal evolution that took place between the first and second Intifadas.
         by Roger Heacock

  • Children and Violent Conflict:
          Disturbing findings from a study of Palestinian children‘s dreams in the second Intifada.
         by Shafiq Masalha

  • The Road Map will Stand
         interview with Saeb Erekat

  • Violence and its Alternatives
          A PIJ Roundtable with Mohammad Abu Harthiyyeh, Giora Goren, Nura Karmi, Gaby Lasky. Susan Collin Marks from Search for Common Ground moderated

  • Did President Bush Expect the Unexpected?
          What will be the repercussions of the war in Iraq for the rest of the region?
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • A Call for an Escalation of Non-Violence
          Non-violence can be a key to Palestinian liberation and Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.
         by Amos Gvirtz

  • Ariel Sharon and the Fate of Local, Regional and International Peace
          Lasting solutions will require creativity, intuition and inovation.
         by Hisham Ahmed

  • The ANC Example
          How non-violence worked for the African National Congress.
         by Benjamin Pogrund

  • Images in the Eye of the Camera

  • Relief and Reform in the Palestinian Economy
          An interview with UNCTAD Coordinator Dr. Raja Khalidi.
         by Raja Khalidi

  • Suicide Sister
          A poem
         by Karen Alkalay-Gut

  • Recital
          A poem
         by Karen Alkalay-Gut

  • Enough for Me
          A poem
         by Fadwa Tuqan

  • The Deluge and the Tree
          A poem
         by Fadwa Tuqan

  • Poll
    Potential for a Non-Violent Intifada

         by Steven Kull

    Public Event
  • Separation and Conciliation
          A public discussion between senior Israeli negotiator Gilad Sher and Palestinian publisher Hanna Siniora.

  • Extracts from the Fourth Geneva Convention

    Chronology of Events
  • October 1, 2002, to January 1, 2003
          Edited by Najat Hirbawi

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