Munther Dajani

Munther Dajani

Munther S. Dajani is chair and professor of political science and diplomatic studies, al-Quds University, Jerusalem. He is also director of the Issam Sartawi Center for the Advancement of Peace and Democracy, al-Quds University, Jerusalem.


Analyzing the Obvious: Is It the Culture of Civil Unrest or the Culture of Uncivil Rest That Needs to Be Revisited in the Arab World?
The youth are now demanding substantial changes that would overturn not only a long-running government and series of presidents but also the whole system with its powerful tools of oppression.
Economic Challenges for the PNA
PNA economic policy in agriculture, industry, trade and tourism, with the Palestinians as equal partners with Israel.
The ‘Greater Middle East Initiative’ and the Arab Culture of Rejection
Arab governments should give international initiatives a chance.

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