The Lie That Exploded in Gaza

That night in Gaza, under the stars,
under the full moon in an inky sky,
the big lie suddenly exploded
with a Big Bang
in my heart and in my mind
shattering all my limbs
and all my heroic values.

The big lie suddenly exploded
Like a whizzing shrapnel through my brain
The big lie "Violence can stop conflicts!"

What a lie! What a big, horrible lie -
Violence cannot stop conflicts!
Only peace talks and peace negotiations
Can stop conflicts
Only a clear peacemaking Road Map
Can stop conflicts.

The Big Bang Lie
exploded in the depths of my heart
And of my deluded mind
together with the the dynamite
exploding the Philadelphi house
of an old grandmother desperately searching for
her glasses and medicine in the rubble -

That explosive night was my epiphany
And I suddenly saw the light.

Amputated Leg of a Palestinian or an Israeli Child

A small sweet Palestinian boy hops toward me
on one leg
and asks for a sweet,
he spreads a hand
and leans with the other
on his crutch

"What happened to you?
Who did that to you?"
I asked aghast
pointing to his fresh bandage

"Entum!" - "You!"
he answers timidly -
his apologetic bashfulness strangles
my shocked shame.
Cursed, cursed war!

A small sweet girl in a bathing suit
On the Haifa beach near Maxim Restaurant -
That was blown up by a Palestinian suicide bomber -
Hops on one leg with a crutch, toward the water

"What happened to you?
Who did that to you?"
I ask aghast
pointing to her new crutch

I was on that bus in Moriah Street
Blown up by a Palestinian suicide bomber,
We were returning from school,
My best friend was killed on that bus
But I was lucky, I just lost a leg.

My heart filled with bitter tears for both children -
Cursed, Cursed War!

A Jewish or a Palestinian Mother

You will not build a nest
dear Amir,
every night you return to me,
and your silent cries
silence my heart,
"Mother, mother, help me!"
And I cannot

I can only caress the rugged stones
over your bones,
as I used to caress your soft curls
before sleeping ...