March 29, 2007

We, the leaders of Arab states, meeting in the 19th session of the Council of the League of Arab States at the summit level in Riyadh, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on March 28-29, 2007,

Based on the principles and aims stated in the Arab League Charter and other Arab conventions; including the document of covenant, accord and solidarity between Arab countries, and the document of development and modernization in the Arab world;

Inspired by our religious and Arab values that renounce all forms of immoderation, extremism and racism; and stressing the aims of boosting the Arab identity, deepening its cultural bases, and continuing its open humanistic message, while facing the challenges and risks threatening to re-schematize the state of affairs in the region, dissolve the common Arab identity, and undermine the connections that bind us;

Affirming the urgent need to regain the spirit of Arab solidarity, protect the collective Arab security, develop Arab cooperation in the economic, social and developmental fields, commit to seriousness and credibility in joint Arab action, and meet the requirements of supporting the Arab League and its institutions;

Declare our resolve to:

Act diligently to protect the Arab identity, boost its components and bases, and strengthen our belonging to it in the hearts and minds of children, adolescents and young men and women, since Arabism is not a racist or ethnic concept, rather it is a unified cultural identity, with the Arabic language as its means of expression and of preserving its heritage, and it is a common cultural framework based on spiritual, moral and humanistic values, enriched by diversity and plurality, by openness to other human cultures, and by corresponding to accelerating scientific and technological advances, without dissolution, crumbling or losing of character, we therefore decide:

To give the utmost priority to the development of education and its curricula in the Arab world, so as to deepen the common Arab identity, respond to the needs of modernization and comprehensive development, deepen the values of dialogue and creativity, and strengthen human-rights principles and women's effective and positive participation;

To develop the joint Arab action in the educational, cultural and scientific fields, through the activation of existing institutions and offering them the requisite significance and the needed human and financial resources, particularly concerning the advancement of scientific research; the joint production of books, programs and materials for children and teenagers; the launching of a broad translation movement from and into the Arabic language; and the promotion of the presence of the Arabic language in all fields, including communication, mass media, internet, and science and technology;

To spread the culture of moderation, tolerance, dialogue, and openness; to reject all forms of terrorism and extremism, as well as all exclusionary racist trends, hatred campaigns and endeavors to question our humanistic values or defame our religious beliefs and holy places; and to warn against employing sectarian plurality for political purposes that aim at dividing our nation and its countries and peoples, and at igniting destructive seditions and civil strife;

Consolidate effective Arab solidarity which contains crises and settles disputes between member states peacefully, within the framework of activating the Arab Security and Peace Council approved by previous Arab summits; development of dialogue with regional neighboring countries in accordance with unified and specified Arab positions; revival of collective Arab security protection institutions and confirming its terms of reference stipulated in Arab covenants; and attempting to meet Arab defense and security needs;

Affirm the option of a just and comprehensive peace as a strategic option for the Arab nation in accordance with the Arab peace initiative that draws the right path for reaching a peaceful settlement for the Arab-Israeli conflict, based on the principles and resolutions of international legitimacy, and the land for peace formula;

Stress the importance of freeing the region of all weapons of mass destruction, without double standards and eclecticism; warning against starting a dangerous and destructive race of nuclear armament in the region; and emphasizing the right of all countries to possess peaceful nuclear energy according to international terms of reference, and their emanating inspection and control regime;

The dangerous conditions witnessed by our region, where Arab land is violated; Arab resources are wasted; and Arab identity and culture are threatened, necessitate that we honestly and deeply reexamine our state of affairs;

We are all, leaders, officials and citizens; parents and children, partners in drawing our own destiny and preserving our identity, culture, values and interests. Dangerous challenges can only increase the resolve and faith of great nations. The Arab nation is capable, with God's help, to achieve the security, dignity, and prosperity it deserves when it unifies its ranks and strengthens its joint action.

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