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Danny Rubinstein

Sam'an Khoury

Boaz Evron

Walid Salem

Ari Rath

Zahra Khalidi

Daniel Bar-Tal

Ammar AbuZayyad

Galit Hasan-Rokem

Khaled Abu Aker

Galia Golan

Nazmi Ju'beh

Gershon Baskin

Edy Kaufman

Ata Qaymari

Benjamin Pogrund

Nafez Nazzal

Simcha Bahiri

Nadia Naser-Najjab

Dan Jacobson

Jumana Jaouni

Dan Leon

Anat Cygielman

Khuloud Khayyat Dajani

Izhak Schnell

Future Visions for Jerusalem
Vol.21 No.4, 2016

Table of Contents


  • Jerusalem Looks Calm, but It Is Not!
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

    Books and Publications Received
  • Recently Received Books

  • Surviving Jerusalem: Fifty years of Neglect & Daily Suffering Just to Remain
         by Amaal Abu Ghoush

  • Young Palestinians, Israelis and Andalusians Work Towards Peaceful Coexistence in Jerusalem
         by Pablo Govantes Romero

  • The Blessing of Jerusalem
         by Gershon Baskin

  • Jerusalem: Reconsidering the Settler Colonial Analysis
         by Walid Salem

  • Meretz Jerusalem Views about the Future of the City
         by Mario Schejtman

  • A Notion of Jerusalem as the Search for Meaning
         by Jakob Rieken

  • Jerusalem A Shattered City of Peace
         by Nisreen AbuZayyad

  • The Harsh Reality of “United Jerusalem”
         by Aviv Tatarsky

  • Future Scenarios for the Old City of Jerusalem
         by Rami Nasrallah

  • Traveling through the “borders” of the Israeli Interior Ministry and National Insurance
         by Ibtisam Iskafi

  • Jerusalem: A Microcosm of Israeli-Palestinian Coexistence
         by Alon Ben-Meir

  • Dialogue and Reason Against Fanaticism and Radicalism
         by José Manuel Cervera Gragera

  • Jerusalem as a Non-City
         by Meir Margalit

  • Can There be an Israeli-Palestinian Partnership to Improve Life in East Jerusalem?
         by Shalom Boguslavsky

  • Join the Bottom-Up Movement for Change
         by Yossi Saidov

  • Nine Insights from the Jerusalemite Delegation to Seville
         by Ayala Wohl

  • Future Visions for Jerusalem
         Bernard Sabella, Saman Khoury, Adnan Abdelrazek, Yudith Oppenheimer, Laura Wharton, Dan Bitan and Ziad AbuZayyad . Moderator: Hillel Schenker

  • The Parachute Paradox (Chapter from a Jerusalem memoir)
         by Steve Sabella

  • A Jewish Consultant in East Jerusalem
         by Hedda Amir

  • Jerusalem Poetry
         by Mahmoud Darwish

  • Three Jerusalem Poems
         by Yehuda Amichai

  • Ir Amim Policy Paper
         Jerusalem: Present Home and Future Capital of Two Peoples

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