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Benjamin Pogrund
Benjamin Pogrund is the former director of Yakarís Center for Social Concern in Jerusalem and was deputy editor of the former Rand Daily Mail in Johannesburg. He is co-editor of Shared Histories: A Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue and is a member of the Palestine-Israel Journalís Editorial Board.


  • The ANC Example  - Vol.10 No.1 2003
  • An A.B. Yehoshua Tale Set in Jerusalemís Gloomy Days.  - Vol.13 No.3 2006
  • South Africa Is Not a Model for Us  - Vol.14 No.2 2007
  • Settlers Do as They Please, Legally and Illegally  - Vol.14 No.4 2007
  • Different Histories, Different Futures  - Vol.15-16 No.3 2008

  • Nelson Mandela and the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Lessons, Messages and Misinterpretations  - Vol.19 No.3 2014
  • Once upon a Time Jews and Arabs Were Partners in the Land  - Vol.20 No.23 2015
  • Drawing Fire: Investigating the Accusations of Apartheid in Israel  - Vol.20-21 No.41 2015
  • Legal Pluralism in the Wild West Bank  - Vol.21 No.3 2016

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