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Johan Galtung
Johan Galtung is a professor of peace studies and is considered the founder of the modern discipline of peace studies. He founded Transcend – A Peace and Development Network for Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means (1993), and he is also the founder of the Peace Research Institute, Oslo, and the Journal of Peace Research. Dr. Galtung was granted the Right Livelihood Award (the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize”) in 1987.


  • The Middle East: What Peace Might Look Like  - Vol.13 No.3 2006
  • The Arab Revolt — What Next?  - Vol.18 No.1 2012
  • The UN Decision: Two Empires Crumbling — And Then What?  - Vol.18 No.4 2013
  • Natural Resources, Palestine-Israel and Regional Peace  - Vol.19-20 No.3 2014
  • Needed: Regime Change in Israel  - Vol.19-20 No.3 2014

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