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Dan Leon
Dan Leon is a long-time peace activist, former senior editor of New Outlook and a former co-managing editor of PIJ. His last book was Who’s Left in Israel? (Sussex Academic Press, 2004).


  • Scrutinizing the Mandate  - Vol.10 No.2 2003
  • Refusal to Serve: An Israeli Phenomenon and its Implications  - Vol.9 No.3 2002
  • Repudiating Holocaust Denial  - Vol.8 No.1 2001
  • History in the Making  - Vol.5 No.3 1998
  • The Palestinian Exodus 1948-1998. Edited by Ghada Karmi and Eugene Cotran, Ithaca Press, 1999.  - Vol.7 No.4 2000
  • No Easy Search  - Vol.7 No.1 2000
  • The Jewish National Fund: How the Land Was ‘Redeemed’  - Vol.12-13 No.4 2005
  • The Tip of the Iceberg  - Vol.5 No.1 1998
  • Milestones towards an Impasse  - Vol.4 No.2 1997
  • Binyamin Netanyahu and the Peace Process  - Vol.3 No.3 1996
  • Israeli Public Opinion Polls on the Peace Process  - Vol.2 No.1 1995
  • "I Am a Short-Term Pessimist and a Long-Term Optimist"  - Vol.1 No.3 1994
  • The Shamgar Report: an Evasion of Responsibility  - Vol.1 No.3 1994
  • Journal Jottings  - Vol.1 No.3 1994
  • Women in Judaism  - Vol.1 No.2 1994
  • Reviews two recent studies on the economics of Middle East peace  - Vol.1 No.1 1994
  • The Right of Return: Different Approaches to a Crucial Issue  - Vol.8 No.2 2001
  • Binationalism: A Bridge over the Chasm  - Vol.6 No.2 1999
  • What Do Zionists Believe? by Colin Shindler  - Vol.14 No.4 2007
  • Journal Jottings  - Vol.16 No.2 2010

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